Frequently Asked Questions

Do you outsource any services overseas?
In today's world of increasing globalisation, many companies have found it tempting to relocate parts or all of their organisation overseas in an effort to reduce costs. Not Website Go. We pride ourselves on ensuring our staff and services are based in Australia.

Our staff are based in our Kippa-Ring office and also work remotely around Brisbane. We are based within your reach and easy to contact. 

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Can I host my new site elsewhere?
Having Website Go host your new website is part and parcel of our managed service. We purposefully want to control all development and ongoing processes of your new site. This not only puts all speed and reliability responsibilities back on us, it also reduces the scope for hacking and security breaches. 

Our branding is our name and reputation. So having a Website Go website in an environment that we cannot control or manage is not a part of our business practices.

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Can you update my current live site?
Taking over from a pre-built website is fraught with many pitfalls. At times it can be like trying to find a needle in a need-stack! Old and outdated sites tend not to have been kept up to date which could force the use of old technology on new platforms.

To help avoid these costs and frustrations for your business we only offer new refreshed website design and development. Managing and maintaining these new sites also ensure smooth transitions to future upgrades.

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Do I need a separate site for Smartphones?
All Website Go websites are development and implemented to cater for multiple screen sizes. Whether it be a 4K monitor, laptop, tablet or Smartphone, your new Website Go website will look amazing on any device.

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Can you host my emails as well?
Email hosting is just not our bag! We are focused on all things to do with design, development and management of websites. We can provide simple email forwarding but do not offer email hosting.

In our experience, we have seen customers experience less frustration and cost with using an email system like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace rather than getting their traditional web hosting provider to also host their emails.

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Do you have different payment options?
We sure do. Not only can you pay upfront before we go live with your new site, we can also tailor a package to include development and management fees in a manageable monthly repayment.

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Do you develop E-Commerce sites?
So you are serious about selling online? We'll build you a world-class site that works across all browsers and devices. Having the right e-commerce system in place will present your products and services to potential customers quicker and more effectively than a traditional physical shop front.

We optimize our websites for search engine positioning – without sacrificing visual appeal or user experience. We can integrate payment systems, track orders, manage inventory, and provide all the tools needed for a successful e-business.

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Can you give me a bit more technical information?

Sure thing, here is our jargon-filled Web Stack/Services!

  • Monthly Updates, Security Checks, Performance Checks, Backups and Google Analytic reporting.
  • Cross-device and cross-browser compatibility
  • Additional Firewall, Security, Brute-Force, and core CMS lockdown.
  • Google Recaptcha and Honeypots on Contact Forms
  • Custom Oxygen Builder, HTML/CSS, JS, PHP development
  • Custom Wordpress Performance Optimisation built for our specific hosting environment
  • Wordpress CMS (Content Management System)
  • R3 SSL Certificates
  • PHP and MySQL Server-side Technology
  • Powerful server caching solution based on NGINX reverse proxy and Memcached
  • Unique PHP implementation that significantly cuts TTFB (Time To First Byte) with 30% faster page loading times
  • NGINX Direct Delivery to serve static content such as images, CSS, JS files etc.
  • Server/Network Firewall and Security
  • Google Cloud's Infrastructure in their Australian Datacentre


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